Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Wydział Nauk o Żywności i Rybactwa - Aquaculture and Fisheries (S1)

Efekty uczenia się:

KODKompetencje społeczne
AQF_1A_K01Student is aware of self-knowledge and skills. Student understands the need and possibilities of continuous education and self-improvement. She/he establishes the opportunities of her/his own development and education (the second, third degree studies; postgraduate studies; courses).
AQF_1A_K02Student behaves in a professional manner, follows the professional ethical rules and respects the diversity of views and cultures.
AQF_1A_K03Student is aware of the responsibility for own work and she/he ensures a compliance with the rules of the team work and takes the responsibility for the cooperative projects.
AQF_1A_K04Student is able to assess risks and to evaluate results of actions related to aquaculture and fisheries activities.
AQF_1A_K05Student is able to think and act in a creative, innovative and enterprising manner.
AQF_1A_K06Student understands the need of communicating to the society, e.g. through mass media, information related to production activity and is able to communicate this information in an understandable manner. Student is able to perform the function of a team leader.