Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Wydział Technologii i Inżynierii Chemicznej - Technologia chemiczna (S3)

Efekty kształcenia:

ChT_3-_U01She/he can fluently obtain information from English language literature, databases and other sources related to chemical technology, chemical engineering and related sciences.
ChT_3-_U02She/he can interpret and critically analyze information obtained from literature and draw the correct conclusions, formulate reasoned opinions in English.
ChT_3-_U03She/he is capable of using a variety of techniques in a transparent manner to communicate in a professional environment in English, and in other environments in English and in at least one foreign language from such as: Polish, French, German or Russian.
ChT_3-_U04Based on data from the literature and own research she/he should have prepared in English or Polish a scientific publication in the field of chemical technology and chemical engineering, as required by publishers, especially in a selected direction of research.
ChT_3-_U05She/he is able to prepare and present in English oral presentations on the issues of technology or chemical engineering.
ChT_3-_U06She/he can determine the direction of self-education necessary for the purposes of research.
ChT_3-_U07She/he has the ability to use English fluently in terms of vocabulary necessary in science and technology, according to the chosen direction of research, and have language skills in the chemical technology and chemical engineering at the level of B2 + European Framework of Reference for Languages, at least in terms of one of the languages of the like Polish, French, German or Russian.
ChT_3-_U08She/he is able to use analytical methods and experimental research to solve problems in the field of chemical technology or chemical engineering, especially in terms of the direction of research.
ChT_3-_U09She/he is able to combine knowledge of chemistry, chemical technology, chemical and process engineering, environmental protection and specialty subjects to formulate and solve research tasks.
ChT_3-_U10She/he is able to assess the usefulness and ability to use new technological studies and research methods in terms of the direction of research.
ChT_3-_U11She/he can use the knowledge to analyze and assess the functioning of the technologies used in various processes implemented within the chosen field of research.
ChT_3-_U12She/he is able to evaluate different technological solutions in respect of reducing energy consumption, improve product quality and process efficiency.
ChT_3-_U13She/he is able to develop new solutions for appliance useful in this study,
ChT_3-_U14She/he can make the selection of laboratory techniques and engineering solutions to the tasks in terms of the direction of research.
ChT_3-_U15She/he is able to present concepts of research methods to develop new technologies on a laboratory scale.
ChT_3-_U16She/he can design and perform laboratory scale experiments to carry out research work.