Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Wydział Technologii i Inżynierii Chemicznej - Technologia chemiczna (S3)

Efekty kształcenia:

KODKompetencje społeczne
ChT_3-_K01She/he is able to think and act in an innovative, creative and enterprising way.
ChT_3-_K02She/he understands the need to inform the public by publishing popular scientific press, radio and television, opinions regarding modern solutions in the field of chemical and process engineering, omissions of obsolete technology; the need to provide information about the positive and negative aspects of the business related to chemical technology and chemical engineering.
ChT_3-_K03She/he has the competence necessary to assess the role of the researcher in the scientific and professional environment.