Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Wydział Inżynierii Mechanicznej i Mechatroniki - Inżynieria materiałowa w języku angielskim (S2)

Efekty uczenia się:

ME_2A_U01Can acquire information from literature, databases and other sources; also in a foreign language; can integrate obtained information, interpret them, draw conclusions and formulate and justify opinions
ME_2A_U02Can work individually and in team in a way ensuring completion of a task in planned time; can estimate how much time a tasks requires and its economic aspects
ME_2A_U03Can prepare detailed documentation of results of an experiment, project or research, can prepare paper with discussion of the results
ME_2A_U04Can prepare and present a presentation on a project or research completion and lead a discussion of the presentation
ME_2A_U05Uses English at a level sufficient to communicate, also in professional matters, to read professional literature with comprehension, and to prepare and deliver a short presentation on completion of a project or research
ME_2A_U06Can use learned mathematical methods and models - appropriately modifying them if needed – for analysis, design and optimisation of materials and/or technological processes and/or products
ME_2A_U07Can assess and compare a product for indicated use criteria taking into consideration extratechnological aspects
ME_2A_U08Can plan and carry out a simulation and measurement of appropriate materials and/or technological processes and/or products
ME_2A_U09Can plan a process of product examination for its use properties and life cycle and extratechnological aspects
ME_2A_U10Can assess modernity of technological and material solution of a product from the point of view of intellectual property and environmental protection and also taking into consideration other extratechnological aspects.
ME_2A_U11Can design a product taking into consideration indicated use criteria and taking into consideration extratechnological aspects
ME_2A_U12Can operate selected technological and measurement devices
ME_2A_U13Can determine directions of further learning and carry out self-education
ME_2A_U14Has language skills in studied discipline in accordance with requirements of level B2+ of the Common European Framework of Reference
ME_2A_U15Can analyse dangers in workplace and determine remedial measures
ME_2A_U16Can - in accordance with an indicated specification, design a complex tool, object, system, or process, relating to the programme of studies taking into consideration extratechnological aspects, and carry out that design - at least partly - using appropriate methods, techniques and tools, including adapting existing tools or preparing new ones