Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Wydział Budownictwa i Inżynierii Środowiska - Civil Engineering (S2)

Efekty uczenia się:

B-A_2A_W01Has advanced and in-depth knowledge within the scope of mathematics and other areas of science useful for formulating and solving complex tasks within the scope of civil engineering
B-A_2A_W02Has detailed knowledge within the scope of the programmes of study related to civil engineering
B-A_2A_W03Knows the basics of continuum mechanics. Knows the analysis principles of surface and solid construction statics issues
B-A_2A_W04Has knowledge on the subject of construction modelling and theoretical foundations of the Finite Element Method
B-A_2A_W05Has theory-based, detailed knowledge related to selected issues in civil engineering
B-A_2A_W06Has advanced knowledge related to key issues within the scope of the selected specialisation
B-A_2A_W07Has knowledge concerning management of construction undertakings within the technical and economic aspect
B-A_2A_W08Knows the principles of constructing and dimensioning of the elements of complex constructions and building structures
B-A_2A_W09Knows advanced methods and computer programmes used in solving complex tasks within the scope of civil engineering
B-A_2A_W10Has knowledge concerning technical standards and norms within the scope of the specialisation studied
B-A_2A_W11Knows the principles of industrial manufacturing of construction materials and products as well as preparation of construction elements and structures
B-A_2A_W12Has basic knowledge within the scope of maintenance of structures and systems typical for the specialisation studied
B-A_2A_W13Has knowledge of developmental trends and the most significant new achievements in civil engineering
B-A_2A_W14Has knowledge necessary to understand social, economic, legal and other non-technical conditions of engineering activity, including the influence of carrying out construction investments on the environment
B-A_2A_W15Knows and understands basic concepts and rules within the scope of industrial property protection and copyrights
B-A_2A_W16Knows basic terminology of ethics, philosophy, sociology, art, art design and culture