Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Wydział Budownictwa i Inżynierii Środowiska - Civil Engineering (S2)

Efekty uczenia się:

KODKompetencje społeczne
B-A_2A_K01Is ready to independently integrate the acquired knowledge and undertake in an organized manner new and comprehensive activities aimed at the implementation of the undertaken engineering task, also in conditions of limited access to the necessary information
B-A_2A_K02Is ready to inspire and organize the process of improving his own professional workshop and other people
B-A_2A_K03Is ready to reflect on the non-technical aspects and effects of engineering activities, including its impact on the environment in conjunction with responsibility for decisions made
B-A_2A_K04Is ready to initiate activities in the field of sustainable development in construction
B-A_2A_K05Is ready to make decisions in a creative and entrepreneurial way
B-A_2A_K06Is ready to improve professional and personal competences, independently complements and extends knowledge in the field of modern processes, technologies and management methods in construction
B-A_2A_K07Is ready to identify and resolve dilemmas related to the performance of the profession, is aware of ethical conduct
B-A_2A_K08Is ready to provide the society with knowledge about construction, formulates and presents information and opinions in a commonly understandable way, justifying different points of view
B-A_2A_K09Is ready to identify ethical, sociological dilemmas and issues related to culture, philosophy and art, which allows him to responsibly and consciously participate in social and cultural events