Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Szkoła Doktorska - ZUT Doctoral School

Efekty uczenia się:

ISDE_4-_U01Is able to state research problems within the scope of a represented field and discipline through: - defining the goal and the object of research; - formulating research hypothesis, analytic, synthetic and evaluative judgements on proposed solutions in relation to existing state of the art; - suggesting methods, techniques and research tools aimed to solve research problem.
ISDE_4-_U02Is able to use in practice and improve methods, techniques and research tools within the scope of a represented field and discipline and use them creatively in order to obtain research results and to evolve them.
ISDE_4-_U03Is able to record the results of conducted scientific activities in a form of scientific studies aimed to be disseminated to different types of audience, especially to international research community.
ISDE_4-_U04Is able to communicate and present the obtained results, especially to international research community, initiate a debate and lead a discussion connected with presenting scientific approaches and results within the scope of a represented field and discipline.
ISDE_4-_U05Is able to develop scientific studies based on the obtained results in a form of publication or presentation in English and is able to operate in a research team.
ISDE_4-_U06Is able to deeper professional and personal competences, especially within the scope of obtaining and analysing the latest achievements connected with a represented scientific field and discipline.