Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny w Szczecinie

Wydział Architektury - Architecture (S2)

Efekty uczenia się:

AUP_2A_U01In his/her work, pursues an individual artistic attitude which is manifested through his/her approach to reality and modern art.
AUP_2A_U02Presents individual design and planning concepts and solutions in an attractive manner (graphics, presentations).
AUP_2A_U03Is able to adjust the method to a design or planning task, experiments and uses computer software.
AUP_2A_U04Designs and plans in combination with other areas of engineering and non-engineering activity.
AUP_2A_U05Chooses appropriate construction solutions, technologies and materials with specific properties for the expected architectural effect.
AUP_2A_U06A_2A_U06 Specifies the problems and prioritizes them in design and planning.
AUP_2A_U07Is able to prepare a typical design; is prepared to co-create system solutions.
AUP_2A_U08Is able to arrange a representative urban space, larger spatial and landscape assumptions.
AUP_2A_U09Is able to solve the function of atypical buildings of special purpose.
AUP_2A_U10Is able to design structures with large degree of complexity and complexes of structures with complicated functional combinations.
AUP_2A_U11Is able to design settlement complexes with a combined function and large scale
AUP_2A_U12Is able to shape a composition within a wide scope of scales and functions
AUP_2A_U13In design and planning, appropriately perceives the functional and formal relations in space, harmoniously includes individual solutions in the existing structures
AUP_2A_U14Designs and plans taking into consideration multi-aspect guidelines
AUP_2A_U15Recognises the influence of investments on the natural environment and determines the methods of its minimization, uses energy saving solutions
AUP_2A_U16Is able to develop design and planning documentation of various types, also as-built documentation, technical opinions, etc.
AUP_2A_U17Has the ability to learn; uses technical information, various types of data bases, Internet, etc. in his/her works; understands the need of life-long learning, is able to organise the process of learning and motivates his/her co-worker to learn.